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November Action Items

November 6, 2009

I recently received an email (contained in this article) from Saint Child, our local maternity home, announcing the closure of another such home, Bethany House, in nearby Gresham after 20 years of service.  For those who may not know, maternity homes provide food, shelter and support for teenage girls facing an unsupported pregnancy.  The girls typically participate in household chores, such as cooking meals, and will often receive job and life-skills training.  At Saint Child they participate in daily Bible study and attend Church with the family as well.  When I first saw this video, back when they were the House of Ruth, my first thought that this was really the best way that this could be done.  The girls not only receive necessary support during their pregnancies, but have the opportunity to gain a vision of a healthy, functioning  family and establish a relationship with God.  If they took advantage of it all, they left equipped to “make a life” for themselves and their families that they may not have been able even to envision before.  At the Saint Child benefit dinner this Spring, a volunteer had made a paper flower to represent each of the young women who, based on current teen pregnancy data, might have needed a place like Saint Child (photo here, they are on each table and hung in the rafters).  While some of these young women find help, there are too many who face the prospect of going through pregnancy unsupported and in an unhealthy or unsafe environment.  And among these there are far too many who choose abortion instead.  What a sad loss Bethany House is!


1) Self-Education

  • Read 2 or 3 of the Saint Child Residents Stories here and here.


  • Watch the current Saint Child video.

2) Friends and Family

  • Share one of the stories or the video with a friend.  If they are amenable, invite them to help in collecting items to donate to your local maternity home.  If you are an Oregonian, a list follows of organizations that offer maternity housing, some stand-alone and some in conjunction with services for other needy populations.  If you live outside Oregon, you can look here or just google “maternity home [insert your state here]” .  Most websites have a Wish List page for household items and drop-off information. 
Saint Child-Hillsboro     Elizabeth House-Portland     St. Brigid Home-Salem                            
St. Monica Home-Salem    St. Teresa Home-Salem    Magdalene Home-Medford
White Shield/Salvation Army-Portland     Bridge House-Salem     
Community House-Lake Oswego     My Father’s House-Gresham
Safe Haven Maternity Home-Roseburg     Grandma’s House of Bend


3) Community Outreach

  • The holidays are a popular time for fundraising concerts and other events to benefit the homes (I just added two to the ProLife Oregon Calendar yesterday) — check under an Events or Get Involved tab on their respective sites.  Make some time to attend if possible and set aside some money to contribute.  If there are no events in your area, you can donate money directly on many of the websites. 

Enjoy the start of your holiday season as well as getting to know and helping to support those who give such great service to our communities!

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  1. saintchild permalink
    November 9, 2009 2:44 pm

    We would love to be linked. Thank you.

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